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Time Machine graphic

From 2019-2020, we collaborated with Creation Theatre, Oxfordshire’s largest producing theatre company, on a contemporary re-imagining of HG Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’. Scriptwriter Johnathan Holloway worked with the WEH to devise and write a modern adaptation of the original story, which incorporated various research themes of the Centre; including topics such as vaccination hesitancy, human enhancement and the global impacts of infectious disease.

In a unique theatrical experience, small audience groups were led by their own 'time traveller' through the labyrinthine of the London Library. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, this production was adapted for online audiences, and was one of the first theatrical performances to be live-streamed via Zoom. 41 shows were subsequently performed live online for viewers across the globe.

Audience members were invited to consider and question ethical dilemmas presented by advances in medical technologies, surveillance and global connectedness, through visiting various future worlds.

Evaluation of this project was undertaken on our behalf by the Science Communication Unit at the University of West England. 

Read the Evaluation Report.

Images @RichardBudd (C) 2020 

 Two actors taking part in 'Time Machine'production.

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