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Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference

1-2 July 2019 | Oxford, United Kingdom

The Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference takes place every two years and addresses critically important ethical issues in the conception and implementation of global health. It aims to foster comprehensive multi-disciplinary debate moving beyond the parameters of disease, interventions and locations to attend to and engage with the many over-arching ethical concerns which characterise global health policy, practice and research.

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EACME Annual Conference 2019 

12-14 September | Oxford, United Kingdom

We currently observe a shift in research agendas and a redefinition of normative as well as national boundaries in Europe, and beyond. These changes raise the question as to whether medical ethics in the 21st century needs to revisit its principles and approaches. Do we need to rethink bioethics for the 21st Century? The 2019 EACME conference in Oxford will respond to a pressing need for ethics, humanities and social sciences research on these new challenges.

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