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Queue questions: Ethics of COVID-19 vaccine prioritization

Journal article

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Mandatory Vaccination in Children?

Journal article

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Reproductive Genome Editing Interventions Are Therapeutic, Sometimes

Journal article

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The Expressivist Objection to Nonconsensual Neurocorrectives

Journal article

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Crime-preventing neurointerventions and the law: learning from anti-libidinal interventions


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Persuasive technologies and the right to mental liberty: The ‘smart’ rehabilitation of criminal offenders


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Ethical Issues in Consent for the Re-use of Data in Health Data Platforms

Journal article

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Social prescribing in NHS primary care: what are the ethical considerations?

Journal article

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What Should We Do With Jim? On the use of technology to prevent criminal behaviour


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Editorial - ethical practice and genomic research.

Journal article

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Stopping Exploitation: Properly Remunerating Healthcare Workers for Risk in COVID-19 Pandemic

Journal article

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Racial Justice Requires Ending the War on Drugs

Journal article

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Three Models for the Regulation of Polygenic Scores in Reproduction

Journal article

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Time for a clear national COVID-19 strategy.

Journal article

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A public health ethic should inform policies on COVID-19 immunity passports


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The ethics of genomic medicine: redefining values and norms in the UK and France

Journal article

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