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Two kinds of embryo research: four case examples.

Journal article

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Building trust in artificial intelligence and new technologies in mental health.

Journal article

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Towards A new model of global health justice: the case of COVID-19 vaccines.

Journal article

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‘Baby killers’ in the Balkans: Airship raids on Salonika and their impact


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The Unethical Texas Heartbeat Law

Journal article

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Data sharing in the age of predictive psychiatry: an adolescent perspective.

Journal article

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Governing Global Antimicrobial Resistance: 6 Key Lessons From the Paris Climate Agreement

Journal article

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Cognitive Enhancement and Social Mobility: Skepticism from India.

Journal article

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Broad Medical Uncertainty and the Ethical Obligation for Openness

Journal article

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Modelling futility in the setting of fertility treatment.

Journal article

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If Nudges Treat Their Targets as Rational Agents, Nonconsensual Neurointerventions Can Too

Journal article

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Mixed-methods evaluation of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service for paediatric rare diseases: study protocol

Journal article

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