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Ethics In Film is brought to you by the Wellcome Centre for Ethics & Humanities and Reuben College. This project bridges the gap between the cutting edge of current ethical debates and the human drive to tell stories, all at an independent Oxford cinema institution - The Ultimate Picture Palace (UPP).

Previous screening events included:

  • A screening of Robot & Frank was held in June 2022, which was coordinated and chaired by Dr Angeliki Kerasidou (Ethox Centre, University of Oxford), in conversation with Dr Mette Leonard Høeg (Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford), Dr Michael Loizou (Health Technology and Life Sciences, University of West England) on the themes of AI and loneliness raised by Jake Schreier’s Sundance Award-winning quirky sci-fi.
  • In February 2020 we co-hosted a screening of the 1958 version of ‘The Fly’ in collaboration with WEH historian Rod Bailey (Oxford Centre for History of Science Medicine and Technology, University of Oxford) and the UPP. This special screening examined Rod’s work into the origins of plastic surgery amongst World War Two secret agents and its incredible link to the original story behind ‘The Fly’.