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There are various resources available through the University, and through external sources. See below some information of these services. You can also view available training opportunities.


Coronavirus and your wellbeing
Many of us are forced to change our daily routine, this includes home-working, reducing social contacts to a minimum and, in some cases, complete isolation. You might feel worried and find these drastic changes stressful and difficult. The mental health charity MIND has compiled some useful resources that might help in coping with the new situation.

Find more information on the MIND website.


Mental Health First Aid England
Stress is a part of everyone's life, but not everyone deals with it well all the time. This Interactive Stress Container, from Mental Health First Aid England, is a tool to help you think about the stresses you face.

Find more information on the Mental Health First Aid England website.


My Family Care
The University of Oxford has made a commitment to helping its employees manage their care responsibilities by partnering with My Family Care, a specialist provider of family friendly employee benefits. Work+Family space is designed to give parents and carers the support they need, that best helps them combine work and family.

Find out more on My Family Care's website.


Services available through the University of Oxford:



Navigating the Coronavirus impact
Work+Family space offer a new webinar series and address various different topics emerging from the Coronavirus outbreak, these include maintaining good mental health and wellbeing; best practices for remote working; managing support for elderly and vulnerable dependants; maintaining domestic harmony and positive relationships; talking to children and young people about the virus; amongst many others.

Find more information on the Work+Family space website.


Oxford Mindfulness Centre – free online sessions & podcasts
Considering the difficult times currently faced amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre is offering weekly online mindfulness sessions, open to those who feel they would benefit. These sessions are completely free and open to the general public, meaning you do not need prior mindfulness experience or practice to take part. Each session will also be available as a free podcast shortly after for anyone who missed the live session or wishes to practice again.

Find moure information on the Oxford Mindfulness Centre website


The People and Organisational Development
Based at the University of Oxford, the People and Organisational Development Unit provides a range of courses, including those relating to gender equality, such as the Oxford women’s development programme, and personal effectiveness.

Browse the Unit’s course listing.