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Technology can be key to supporting public engagement with research. Oxford University's Digital Education has recognised this and introduced public engagement as an OxTalent award category four years ago. In this year's award ceremony there were very inspiring entries of an honourable mention, a runner up and a winner.

Congratulations to Gabriela Pavarini, Jessica Lorimer, Arianna Manzini and Ilina Singh on receiving the OxTalent 2018 Public Engagement Honourable mention on investigating young people's ethical perspectives on smartphone chatbot therapy.

OxTalent congratulated members of the Young People’s Advisory Group at Neuroscience, Ethics and Society and the BeGOOD team for using this work towards a real change in the way that chatbots are used, and recognised their work in this research area as 'an excellent example of co-production between scientists and young people [and] for the true partnership at the centre of this project, which showcased brilliantly how research is enhanced by including its ‘subjects’ in the process.’

Professor Ilina Singh and members of the group spoke on BBC Tomorrow’s World about the social and ethical concerns of chatbots. The project created a co-written framework for the minimum ethical standards for these platforms.

OxTalent celebrates digital projects at the University of Oxford. BeGood featured in the public engagement section, alongside other fantastic projects using technology to engage the public with research.

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