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Ben will discuss an ongoing project towards a rigorous ethical framework, underpinned by considerations from political theory, for the research and development of artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of this work is to inform engineering ethics at companies, governments, and in academia, as well as inform future policy making. He will discuss how existing research ethics guidelines in fields such as bioethics, climate change, and Internet research inform the development the framework.

This work takes into account a variety of new factors that were previously not necessarily relevant for ethical frameworks, such as the growing data availability, the sensitivity of the data (raw or inferred), ever-increasing computational capacity, as well as the invisibility of experimentation and inscrutability of decisions that may affect individuals or groups in significant ways. This project is conducted at Princeton University in a collaboration between the Center for Information Technology Policy and the University Center for Human Values. Ben is also currently finishing his DPhil at the Oxford Internet Institute, where he is developing an ethical framework for Internet experimentation on unsuspecting Internet users.