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Merging Minds Exhibition Image and information

Merging Minds is a live multiplayer art installation, that has been co-created as a result of a collaboration between artist/creative technologist duo Yambe Tam & Albert Barbu and the ‘Rethinking Collective Minds’ research strand, part of the Welcome Centre of Ethics and Humanities (WEH) at the University of Oxford.

The work explores the philosophical questions of how we think and act as collectives; a phenomenon made increasingly more sophisticated through technological advances, brain-computer interfaces and digital social networks. As artists in residence, Yambe Tam & Albert Barbu have developed a bespoke multiplayer art videogame and accompanying sculptural artworks, which are inspired by this line of research at the WEH.

This free public exhibition explores the human role in these digital realms, and poses questions such as: Who am I? Where do I end and you begin? What are my responsibilities and rights in a connected and collective space?

  • This interactive work will be displayed at Fusion Arts, 95 Gloucester Green, Oxford OX1 2BU, 11th to 21st May (closed Monday 15th)
  • Opening hours: 11am-5pm Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sun; 11am-8pm Sat
  • Most suited to ages 13+.
  • Free admission and everyone is welcome.
  • For group bookings and any other questions please contact